Diabetic patient, sugar around 499, got rid off Insulin & medicine in two months

“Can a diabetic patient, having detected his blood sugar level nearly around 499, get rid off Insulin and other medicine well within two months?”

” A diabetic patient having lost his weight, can able to gain weight as well as maintain his sugar well within two months ?”

Answers to both of these difficult questions are “YES” and it was truly possible due to timely intervention of lifestyle modification.

Dr Amol Kadu, well known Orthopaedic Surgeon and a lifestyle modification [email protected] IAS Fitness in Nagpur who has taken dew care and prepared most suitable diet and exercise regimen for Rushikesh and controlled his sugar level..

Rishikesh was diagnosed as type 2 DM at the age of 17, with the sugar levels of 499. He was put on 40 units Insulin with 2 oral anti diabetic drugs without much help.

Then Rishikesh’s cousin dr. Shivaji Deshmukh reviewed his health and advised us to visit Dr. Amol Kadu for further guidance.

Daily monitoring of sugar, Provision of most skilled lifestyle modification advice and monitoring by Dr Amol Kadu and making simultaneous & appropriate alterations in medicines have ultimately made it possible to took Rushikesh away from Insulin and other medicines.

Now after two months , he is now free from all medications and is maintains normal blood sugars with his newly found healthy lifestyle.

It has given great relief to all us in family…….
I am thankful to Dr Shivaji Deshmukh, renowned Anesthesiologist
Nagpur for his loving care and proper guidance…

I am fortunate and feel so blessed to know u all and to get your blessings at right time..This has put a ray of hope for better health of my son Rushikesh and his bright educational future for which I extend my sincere gratitude from bottom of my heart…

Words could never express our gratitude for all you did and continue to do for my son Rushikesh.

Your compassionate attention, personal and professional care saved his life, I believe.

I, on behalf of my entire family admire you all for your commitment to all of those patients and families who you touch every day…..

Thanks a lot again…

Satish R Kalmegh
Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Colony
Kathora Naka, Amravati

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