Over the years we have been very casual about our health and the science behind fitness. Everybody wants to follow healthy life style and healthy eat- ing habits. Such fitness conscious minds are always seeking tips and tricks to achieve their dream of lean figure and a healthy body. In the process, we are always looking for advice and suggestions from all around.

The fitness industry has always run on some fixed ideas and formulas. Dur- ing this process it has generated lot of myths and ideas, which actually don’t fit into the scientific facts. But, this Bro-science usually takes over our mind and we start following such ideas.

Let’s go through some such notions and myths and try to make some sense out of it.

1. Fat is Bad

Since so many decades, a notion was created by dieticians and industry about dangers of having dietary fats. It was blamed for obesity and was considered as a major risk factor for CAD/HT/DM. But, the recommenda- tions have changed and “Fat is bad” theory does not stand the ground. Fat restricted diets over the years could not decrease the morbidity and inci- dence of such diseases. Rather, it has been proved that fat is rather essen- tial for various metabolic processes and absorption of various micronutri- ents in body. So, don’t fear to have healthy fats.

2. Cardio exercises are must for weight loss.

Almost everybody who starts his journey towards fitness starts it on a treadmill/ cardio machines. They are advised to run endlessly on these machines to burn fat and people follow the advice and keep running and running. But, the fact is such static cardio exercises do not yield much results other than burning some calories. The endless cardio done on these machine puts your body into severe stress and may cause muscle loss and injuries if you don’t follow proper dietary 2

exercise protocols. So, probably the countless hours spent on treadmill could have been utilised in a better way to get long lasting results. Just think before you hit that treadmill again!

3. Eat something before you hit the gym

Most of the people who hit the gym and start following a exercise schedule aim for weight loss and a lean physique. To make this work in a better way and to stimulate the body to lose fat, the workout should be in a fasted state. This will force the body to burn fat for the energy required for the exercises and will result in better results. Similarly, eating just prior to the gym can spike your blood sugar levels, and as soon as, exercises are initiat- ed, the insulin takes care of all the sugar available and u might experience a sudden fatigue or a hypoglycaemic state. So, if you are aiming at fat loss, its better you workout early morning in a fasted state. This will help you in boosting natural fat loss process carried out by body in the night.

4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

This is one of the widely circulated and most written about idea. Breakfast is supposed to kick-start your day with energy and keep you alert and fresh. But, it’s certainly a myth ! The early Morning tea and carb rich breakfast will immediately halt the fat burning, muscle and a tissue repair processes going on in the body in the fasted state throughout the night. As soon as one eats or drinks, the resulting in- sulin spike will halt the fat burning in the body and a process of fat storage is initiated. So, it’s you, who need to think what kind of start of the day you are looking for!

5. Eat seven small meals a day to boost BMR.

It has been advised to have multiple small meals throughout the day, in- stead of two major meals. It’s claimed to improve BMR and a best formula for weight loss. What actually matters is a structured diet and calorie deficit. Creating negative energy balance is a must for losing weight and the composition and structure of diet is more important for boosting me- tabolism than the frequency of the meals.

SO, DON’T just SPLIT YOUR MEALS, rather focus on having a structured diet according to your goals and you will create a better version of yourself.

6. Running is the best way to lose weight.

Running is a great endurance sport and has evolved into a great sport among fitness enthusiasts in last couple of years. But, it needs lot of plan- ning and training to be a good runner. Proper structure of diet and strength training is must to excel in this sport. But, taking up running to lose weight is not a good idea, because without following proper training protocols, it can cause more bad than good for the runner. Running is one of the poten- tial sport where one can get issues with joints and back. So, take up run- ning as a serious sport, but running just as recreation or as a tool for weight loss is not a good idea.

7. Ladies don’t lift weights. I will become like “A Hulk”!

Whenever one visits a gym, almost all the female clients will be seen sweating on the cardio machines. Remaining few will be seen toying with dumbbells. Females are always discouraged by trainers and fellow gym go- ers from lifting weights fearing that if they lift weights, they will become masculine. But, male and female hormonal milieu is totally different and hence they can never ever have masculine muscle growth due to lack of Testosterone. So, Ladies, if you wish to lose fat and tone your body, resis- tance training is the way to go.

8. High protein diet will cause renal stones.

It’s always discussed that high protein diets are dangerous and it may cause high uric acid levels and may cause renal stones. Proteins are building blocks of the body and are essential for growth and repair of tissues. Hence, adequate amount of protein on must in any diet. High protein diets are usually very safe, except in people who have tendency for Gout or ab- normal renal function. If you maintain hydration well, then you are unlikely to face any issues with protein consumption. We believe it is mandatory to consume RDA protein for good health.

9. I can’t live without Carbs.

Carbohydrates are the most important source of fuel & a first choice energy for body. But the body stores energy in the form of fats to face starvation & stress. Carbs are body’s primary source, but the go to option is always fats. Hence, CARBS ARE NEVER ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL, but FATS ARE!

10. Don’t lift weights, do you wish to injure yourself?

Lots of people are found discussing disadvantages and side effects of weight training. Most of them feel it’s not essential to lift weights, as they are not building body and are only trying to stay fit. On the contrary, it’s absolutely must to follow a resistance training protocol to stay fit. It’s because if you keep your muscle mass intact & gain muscle, only then you can protect your BMR from going down with age. A high BMR is an essential component to maintain a lean physique.

11. Early morning walk is the best way to keep fit.

Majority of fitness conscious people tend to believe that early morning walk is the best way to keep fit and some of them are following this since years. Getting up in morning and spending a few hours in morning on walks may not be giving them the benefits they are looking for, except the calories they burn. But, these walks will not impart any benefit to their muscles/ bones or strength as such.

12. After I stop Gym, I will put on more weight.

The Usual and the most common excuse by all is that going to gym is fine, but as soon as they stop Gym, they will gain all the lost weight back. It’s logical to believe so. But, any fitness regimen if followed for a short period of time will not give you lifetime results. It has to be inculcated in your lifestyle. So, just turn a blind eye to such naysayers and hit the Gym.

13. Whey protein is synthetic and contains steroids

Whey protein is one of the most complete and safest source of protein. It’s a milk product and there is nothing to worry about. But, you need to choose authentic brand and to be sure about the quality of the product you buy.

14. I cannot build muscles without steroids.

Most of the trainers in gym are encouraging youngsters to have injections and medications to gain the physique they are looking for. They make them believe that it’s not possible to have a ripped body without steroids. But, just don’t give in to such traps. It’s absolutely not essential to fall to such short cuts. A structured diet, quantified nutrition and dedicated resistance training schedule designed as per your goals can achieve anything you can dream of…So “SAY NO TO STEROIDS”.

15. “KUCHH BHI Khao and exercise karo, itna kafi hai”

There are these foodies who believe in eating like a king and then burning it all by exercising at gym or running marathons. But does it hold true?
You can never outrun a bad diet.
It is always essential to keep a tab on your diet constitution and eat accord- ing to your plan to get the best results for the efforts & time you are putting in on a track or in a Gym.

16. Keto/LCD diet is unphysiological

It’s a common argument put across whenever there is a mention of KETO/ LCD. But, this notion holds no scientific footing, as its one of the re- searched and science backed structured diets and utilises the physiological principle of metabolism in our favour to achieve the desired Goals. So, “Haters gonna hate, just IGNORE.”

17. DIET means eating less, that’s it.

It’s a common practice and belief that to go on a diet means eating less than usual and lose weight. But, Diet is not always only for losing weight. The DIET is a structured eating according to your goals and maintaining a quality nutrition for life. So, let’s become conscious of what we eat and change the ill perceived notions about dieting & healthy lifestyle.

18. Keto is panacea for all.

Keto is one of the most happening things in the fitness scene right now and everybody is now talking about how magical it is. But, it’s not a panacea for all the worries. Keto diet has to be strategically planned diet for a carefully chosen population to reap its maximum benefits. It is truly a wonderful di- eting pattern when given to right people for the right reasons.

So, don’t just jump on the Keto wagon!

19. I shouldn’t eat eggs/ chicken daily

People usually find it difficult to answer the critics of high protein diets. They are given negative remarks about eating eggs & chicken daily and are discouraged to do so. But, it’s big myth that eating eggs/chicken daily is unhealthy and may create health issues. In fact these foods are the most complete source of proteins and nutrients.

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