Why joints hurt more in cold weather

In good old days, our ancestors and fore fathers knew a storm was coming, when they started to feel pain in their knees or may be sometimes, you’ve felt your own joints ache when the temperature outside drops. It’s very common to blame the increase in joint pains and backaches on changes in the weather.

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Launching a brand new website

Welcome to the brand new website of Dr. Amol Kadu, who is a trained joint replacement specialist in Nagpur. He has experience of personally performing more than 200 joint replacement surgeries in his practice in Central India. In this new website setup, Dr. Amol Kadu will be connecting with you all more with various new

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7 Ways to Avoid Knee Pain

What is arthritis? Arthritis (संधिवात) is a condition where one or more of your joints have swelling, tenderness and severe pain. The common symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness, difficulty in movement and grating sound in joints, which typically worsen with age. Arthritis starts in when the cartilage (The rubbery soft cushion in the

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क्या होता है आंशिक घुटने रिप्लेसमेंट ?

घुटने के आंशिकप्रत्यारोपन (UKA) घुटने के दो हिस्सों में से एक में वात से राहत देने के लिए प्रयोग की जानेवाली एक शल्य प्रक्रिया है जिसमें घुटने के क्षतिग्रस्त हिस्सों को बदल दिया जाताहै। यूकेए (UNI knee)सर्जरी से पोस्ट-ऑपरेटिव दर्द कम हो सकता है और घुटने को पुर्ववत होने कीमें अवधि कम हो सकती है!

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पीठ दर्द – एक आम समस्या

पीठ दर्द एक आम समस्या है,  जो आपके दिन-प्रतिदिन के कामकाज को प्रभावित कर सकती है। लॉकडाउन के कारण घर से काम करते समय कई लोग लगातार पीठ दर्द का सामना कर रहे हैं। पीठ दर्द आपके लिए कुशलतापूर्वक काम करना और भारी असुविधा में योगदान करना मुश्किल बना सकता है।घर से काम करते समय

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the Silent Killer -oSTEOPOROSIS.

Bone is living tissue that is constantly being broken down and replaced. Osteoporosis occurs when the creation of new bone doesn’t keep up with the loss of old bone. Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle — so brittle that a fall or even mild stresses such as bending over or coughing can cause

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At this point we should become concerned about the joints and consider meeting your orthopaedic surgeon for a complete evaluation.  Usually as age progresses, people start experiencing pain and stiffness in their knee joints. They start having difficulty in sitting and walking. It becomes difficult to climb stairs and sitting on the ground. Some may

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50 + Successful Partial knee Replacement Surgeries

Partial knee replacement is one of the recent advanced techniques of knee replacement and has shown very good results in patients with osteoarthritis. it has been proven to be blessing for Indian patients , as our lifestyle demands sitting on floor which is made possible with uni knee. Dr. Amol Kadu is one of the

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Better Workplace : Ergonomics at Work

What is “ergonomics”? Ergonomics means “Fitting the job to the worker.” Ergonomics… is the science and practice of designing jobs and workplaces to match the capabilities and limitations of the human body. As early as in 18th century doctors noted that workers who required to maintain body positions for long periods of time developed musculoskeletal

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Keep Looking for Ways to Avoid Back Pain?

Back pain can be the result of trauma, such as a fall or a car accident. But most often back pain is the result of an Everyday Activity done incorrectly — activities as common as twisting to reach or lift an object, sitting at a computer in the same position for hours, bending over to

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