Total Hip Replacement

Most frequent questions and answers

Am I ready for hip replacement?

Only your Orthopaedic surgeon can decide if hip replacement is the appropriate treatment for you. And only you can decide if you are ready for it.  

Why do people wait so long to have hip replacement surgery?

 Many people delay joint replacement due to fear, misinformation, or a lack of awareness about their treatment options. Often, many of these same patients wish they had done it sooner. 

How long will recovery and rehab take?

After surgery, a few days in the hospital are normal. Recovery means different things to different people and there are stages of recovery that patients go through. Typically, full recovery takes 3 to 6 months.  

How can I pay for my hip replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is considered medically necessary and is typically covered by both private insurance and Medicare. Your out-of-pocket expenses may be impacted by either your co-pay or deductible, so you should check with your insurance company for complete information. 

How old do I need to be before I have hip replacement surgery?

Today, advanced techniques and technologies have revolutionized hip replacement surgery, allowing more arthritis patients to consider treatments at an earlier stage (and age) than they had in the past. Hip replacement is generally related to need, not age. 

What should I expect once I’ve decided to have hip replacement surgery?

Once you and your surgeon have decided hip replacement is right for you, your primary care physician or internist will take you through a preoperative medical evaluation. Scheduling and recovery plans are then discussed with your surgeon and hospital personnel.. 

What is the cost of a hip replacement?

The cost of a total hip replacement should be discussed with your particular insurance company. Every plan varies in out-of-pocket expense to the patient. You should check with your insurance company regarding these potential costs. 

What is the cost of waiting to get a hip replacement?

A recent study found that patients who waited an extended amount of time to get surgery lost more quality time, experienced more pain, and suffered more preventable joint deterioration than those who did not wait as long to undergo surgery.   

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